Dynamicweb PIM deep dive

The newest version, Dynamicweb 9.12, is a transitional release focused on improving and stabilizing existing features across the platform. Watch this webinar, where the focus is on the upgrades within Dynamicweb PIM. 

Søren Jensen, PIM Product Manager, show all the important PIM features that have been improved and streamlined. 

Key learnings:

  • Products can now be translated using Google translate to further save time
  • Editing, workflow, widgets etc. improvements to increase editing performance to save time managing product data
  • Updated PIM import and export features now makes the work with data in e.g. Excel more smooth
  • Automate the assignments of digital assets to products based on rules that is controlled and organized in defined Asset categories

Who should watch this webinar?

This webinar is primarily meant for Dynamicweb partners and certified developers in the Dynamicweb platform.