eCommerce in Manufacturing: Digitalizing Buyer Experiences

With digitalization up and down the supply chain, the global shift to online buying, and sudden changes in market conditions, manufacturers have reached a crossroads: continue with the status quo, or get ahead with B2B eCommerce and digitalize their sales channels.
Manufacturers and distributors need fast, efficient and reliable ways of operating together. And in scenarios that don't involve EDI, distributors need to be able to research, plan, and place orders at their convenience - not wait for sales reps to take orders by phone or email. In some industries, manufacturers are now selling direct to customers with better profit margins, unleashing entirely new business models and revenue channels.
Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how your manufacturing business can leverage eCommerce and ask us your most pressing questions.
We'll discuss:
  • The eCommerce imperative in manufacturing
  • eCommerce benefits for your customers/distributors
  • eCommerce benefits for YOU (manufacturer)
  • B2B eCommerce best practices
  • Online product configurators
  • ROI breakdown
  • Dynamicweb demo
  • Q&A