Improve your Amazon Marketplace skills

Digital sales channels are hot topics these days, and online marketplaces such as Amazon is an important part of the ecommerce ecosystem.

In this webinar, we've invited Maze-one to get a basic introduction to the possibilities and challenges you might find on the platform.

You'll also get hands-on experiences on how to work with Amazon.



  • Christian Beer introduces & welcome
  • Amazon w/ Michael Chabert, Maze-One
    • Why Amazon is a relevant sales platform for your business
    • How to sell on Amazon
    • Successful customer case
  • Orchestra and automate data for Amazon.
    • How to create an automated setup for delivering the right data to Amazon and other marketplaces, by using Dynamicweb and Channable.
  • Q&A session


Your hosts

Michael Chabert
Managing Partner & Co-founder 

Christian Beer

About Maze-One

Maze-one is a marketplace agency that specializes in helping brands to get their business on global online marketplaces. Maze-one has offices in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, London and Oslo. Maze-one employs more than 25 employees who help over 90 brands, including Urtekram, Hummel, Phillips, Unilever, etc.

sep 17, 14:00
Online webinar
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