WTF: What's the future of Digital Transformation - Ecommerce

This is Dynamicweb's Livestream of WTF: What's the future of Digital Transformation

In this series of Livestreams, we'll introduce how you can approach digital transformation. 

This recording covers the Ecommerce predictions for 2021. We've invited six of our global partners to share their insights on the topic and reveal which top three ecommerce trends they foresee in the future.

We're happy to welcome:

  • Marius Lian, Project leader at Degree Consulting Group, Norway
  • Jonathan Dropiewski, CEO for the Americas Division of Priint Group, US
  • Neville Levinthal, Head of Sales & Marketing at Braintree, South Africa
  • Nermin Montel, CEO at DignetSoftware, Croatia
  • Mr Su, Managing Director at 9 Dots Consulting Group, Singapore
  • Espen Thorvaldsen, Digital Advisory Manager, Solteq Norway

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