The state of Product Information Management (PIM)

Customer expectations are the highest ever in their search for online products. Their buying process needs to be smooth and product infomation must be readily available. As a result, the importance of high quality product information becomes paramount for retailers, manufacturers and distributors alike.

“To win, serve, and retain customers, sellers must provide content that’s unique to a buyer’s locale, need, occasion, persona, and channel at every step of the customer journey” - Forrester


This white paper gives you an overview of why PIM solutions are implemented in more and more organizations, which capabilities a 2020 PIM solution needs to cover, where the market is heading and who the PIM vendors in the market are and how they affect your purchase of PIM.


6 Essential capabilities that a contemporary PIM must include in 2020

If you are involved in the solution selection at a company who is considering implementing a PIM solution or is assisting your clients in this activity as an IT system integrator, it can be difficult to get an overview of what the possibilities are. As a minimum, these 6 capabilities are a must in 2020

  1. Product Data Onboarding
  2. Product Data Classification
  3. Product Data Governance
  4. Product Data Enrichment
  5. Product Data Quality
  6. Product Data Distribution


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