Dynamicweb 9.6 release presentation

Dynamicweb Ecommerce

Introducing a new product view model has been released in an early version, alongside a new product catalog app for publishing this data in frontend. The new approach is much faster than the old way of rendering products. Two new providers have been released; the Vertex Address Validation and Vertex Tax providers.

Dynamicweb PIM has been improved in several ways:

✔️ Add product data to custom channels and publish that data in custom feeds
✔️ Improved image handling (default images and Image Categories providing for greater control)
✔️ Bulk edit tool improvements - e.g. more localization and import/export multiple products
✔️Workflows can now be applied at a group level, and are inherited by all subgroups 
✔️ Product versioning feature has been improved with better and more relevant information

General release headlines:

✔️ Users: Improvements to the new User Management and Permissions model
✔️ GDPR: Full suite of apps for supporting data processing
✔️ Integration: LS Retail & Omni + Smart Integration
✔️ Email Marketing: UI overhaul and cleanup
✔️ Numerous Security and performance issues + bug fixes

Dynamicweb 9.5 also includes a new Monitoring & Health area for Dynamicweb Cloud solutions to help optimize your uptime and avoid performance hiccups.