From traditional offline business to modern online customer portal

Self-service is becoming a big part of B2B shopping. Forrester researched that as of now 42 % of B2B shopping is already self-serviced and the numbers are increasing.

Norsk Stål, together with Solteq and Dynamicweb, went from traditional offline business to modern online business with their first ever e-commerce& PIM project.

Hear from Forrester senior analysts Joe Cicman and Amanda LeClair how to utilize ecommerce and Product Information Management together to increase bottom-line results. 

Hear from Kristian Fjågesund, Customer Service Manager at Norsk Stål, about how they implemented new solutions that made 2021 a great year for Norsk Stål.

Participate in the webinar and get the full story about:

  • How PIM & Ecommerce complete and enrich each other.
  • How you can have product data drive product experience.
  • How Norsk Stål implemented new solutions that helped the sales reps save time and increase sales.
  • How it is now possible to handle leftover steel in a new and even more sustainable way.
  • How 2021 got to be a fantastic year with the new online actions.

About Norsk Stål 

Norsk Stål AS produces and distributes steel and other metals to companies across the Norwegian market. The company has been around since 1823, and today employs approximately 300 people in several locations. They are, with 4500 different products in stock, the leader in the range in the industry. Norsk Stål AS has a goal to help customers increase both their competitiveness and their earnings.