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Cincom delivers value by treating our customers how we want to be treated. We don’t bill excessively beyond the costs of our strategic software. We’ve refined our implementation process to deliver the highest return for you. We study your business to control costs and deliver value and are continuously refining our business. After 42 years in the software business, Cincom has identified four specific areas that have been critical to our success and enabling us to deliver the most value for you, our customers.

Cincom problem-solving software, services and people have helped thousands of companies all over the world grow and manage their businesses.

Founded in Cincinnati, Ohio, Cincom headquarters remain there to this day. Cincom enterprise technologies include:
- Application Development Software;
- Contact Center Software;
- Database Management Software;
- Document Automation Software;
- Healthcare Software;
- Manufacturing ERP Software;
- Selling Solution Software.
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World Headquarters Cincom Systems, Inc. 55 Merchant Street

Cincinnati, OH 45246, United States

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+1 800-2CINCOM

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