Verzekerd met Advies

For almost 200 years, Nh1816 Insurances has offered insurances to everything in- and around the house. Nh1816 Insurances was established in 1816 in Oudkarspel, a village in Northern Holland, and has at several occasions been awarded the best insurance company in the Netherlands.


A new trend in the Netherlands shows that an increasing amount of customers in need of insurance searches for information and prices online, rather than consulting their local insurance broker. Simply because the local brokers are hard to find online.

Nh1816 Insurances wanted to change that by combining online information with personal service in a coherent omni-channel strategy, which would benefit both customers and brokers.

Dynamicweb som løsning

Nh1816 Insurances and Bluedesk E-business used the Dynamicweb All-in-One platform to create the website called “Verzekerd met Advies” (Assured with Advice), which represents the center of the new omni-channel strategy.

The website gathers information from local brokers all over the Netherlands, and then adds customer reviews and total scores. This allows users to collect and compare offers in a few simple steps, simply by choosing which kind of insurance and from which broker you are interested in receiving the offer. The website solution then automatically forwards the form to the local broker, who then contacts the customer.

By using the Dynamicweb All-in-One platform, Nh1816 Insurances can maintain and update all the information from one single platform with only few administrative resources. Meaning that the omni-channel solution practically runs itself while attracting new customers and brokers.


Since the launch of the new omni-channel solution, Nh1816 Insurances has enforced their own brand awareness, while attracting new customers and brokers, who are interested in using the online services that “Verzekerd met Advies” offer.

Nh1816 Insurances and Bluedesk E-business has doubled the impact with powerful search engine optimization (SEO and SEA) combined with social media marketing campaigns.
Verzekerd met Advies
Verzekerd met Advies
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