Truckland is a well-known Dutch company that sells, rents and maintains company cars and (heavy) trucks. As a full service provider for business transport solutions, Truckland can maintain single vans or trucks up to entire company fleets.


Maarten Homburg, marketing manager at Truckland, expressed the desire to improve the website with a brand new corporate identity. Most importantly, the new website should be user friendly and fully responsive in order to achieve the primary goal of the website, which is collecting leads for the local car dealers.

Bluedesk helped Truckland by restructuring and changing the layout of the products and services on the website. These changes will make it easier for prospects to find the right information on any device.

Dynamicweb som løsning

Truckland and Bluedesk decided to use the Dynamicweb All-in-One Platform as foundation for the new solution. Mainly because the platform includes all the features Truckland need for their website - especially the Lead Tool, which helps Truckland generate more B2B leads from their website.

With the Dynamicweb platform, Truckland can make use of item type based paragraphs to create the responsive layout of the website. For the presentation of products, Truckland and Bluedesk used the ecommerce module to prepare for future online sales. Potential customers can now easily search the complete range of trucks, vans and maintenance services from any device.

Finally, the online marketing team at Bluedesk improved the new website’s digital performance by optimizing the entire content – including ecommerce products, technology and design according to search engine requirements.


Since the launch of the new B2B ecommerce platform, the Bluedesk online marketing team continues to measure and optimize the performance according to user data. Since October 2015 the average keyword positions in Google has decreased from 22 to 11 and the website shows a continuous improvement in the number of visitors. In addition, Truckland uses the Dynamicweb Lead Tool to register all B2B leads from the webite in order to increase the number of conversions.
Maarten Homburg, Marketing Manager Truckland
"Bluedesk understands our business and provides us with solutions for our digital questions. We have a pleasant partnership with Bluedesk and because of the service that they deliver we choose for Bluedesk."
- Maarten Homburg, Marketing Manager Truckland
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