TricorBraun Flex

TricorBraun Flex (formerly Pacific Bag, Inc) got its start over 30 years ago selling stock flexible packaging, primarily into the coffee, pet and specialty food industries. Acquired by TricorBraun in late 2018, TricorBraun Flex continues to serve over 5,000 flexible packaging customers In 50+ countries.


Prior to implementing Dynamicweb, TricorBraun Flex had been operating their eCommerce business using a patchwork of systems that had been built and supported internally. In 2016 a decision was made to invest further in their already growing eCommerce business, with the goal of both expanding their market share of stock (unprinted) flexible packaging, while reducing the number of "touches" required to process online orders.

The realization that their existing eCommerce platform was functional but inefficient, requiring too much manual data entry to allow for any meaningful scale were their primary reasons for looking at other options. The biggest challenges for them were in finding a scalable eCommerce platform that tied into existing back-end systems and processes. Dynamicweb checked all those boxes, while delivering a rapid development and deployment.

Dynamicweb som løsning

TricorBraun Flex chose Dynamicweb for a few reasons, first for their focus and experience in integrations with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. By choosing Dynamicweb, they were able to eliminate many of the complications in integrating their eCommerce system with a highly customized NAV environment. After evaluating solutions interviewing multiple ISVs, it also came down to cost, and Dynamicweb provided the maximum value for their business. In addition to expertise in Navision and value, the team at TricorBraun Flex also had a better connection and sense of trust with the Dynamicweb sales and implementation teams.


Financials often times rise to the top, however TrichorBraun Flex considers the lifecycle of the platform and its ability to adapt as its business environment changes. Dynamicweb has allowed TricorBraun Flex to reduce customer reliance on inside sales and customer service by way of better self-serve options. Their customers now have options when it comes to how they would like to interact with the brand, all of which provide a consistent and high quality experience.

Since implementing Dynamicweb, TricorBraun Flex has achieved:

• 50% year over year growth since the implementation of Dynamicweb
• 28% increase in order volumes annually
• 20% increase in average order value annually

Mike Mead, Digital and eCommerce Manager
"Dynamicweb put TricorBraun Flex In a position to exponentially grow our eCommerce business without disruptions to other aspects of our business."
- Mike Mead, Digital and eCommerce Manager
TricorBraun Flex
TricorBraun Flex
Seattle, WA, USA
B2C, B2B, CMS, Distribution, Dynamics NAV
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