Skanska Maskin is a strategic partner that provides machinery and equipment solutions and also offer related services for construction sites. Skanska Maskin offers machinery and services such as site cabins, constructions machines, scaffholding, cranes, power and heating, safety and support equipment.


Skanska Maskin primarily rent out machinery, cabins, cranes, lifts and accessories for the one used in a construction site. Each construction project varies in time and scope, with both a complex and client individual price lists.

Skanska Maskin’s business is based on paying for product rented, where the customer often has an ongoing rental period. For this reason, the price and discount structure is extremely complicated and requires the system to make automatic calculations during the ongoing running of the rental period. The requirement for integration with many different systems makes the solution very complex.

Dynamicweb som løsning

Skanska Maskin's new B2B solution on Dynamicweb integrates with Microsoft's Dynamics NAV 2017, Oracle Fusion and IBX business systems. Integrations are in real time and performance requirements are high. IBX handles a round trip for price and product issues for what is bought in the e-commerce portal.

Softgear has recreated the complicated price ladder and discount matrix that Skanska uses previously through its proprietary integration.

The customer can specify how long they want to rent a machine, so we calculate price with the price matrix that regulates the discount rates during the rental period time automatically.

Skanska Maskin’s users are authenticated against their AD (single sign-on) to be logged into the portal (AD login). We mirror the customer's price matrix in our database to calculate the right price directly on demand, with very high performance.

AD users (internal) have rights other than external users. It is the same solution for internal as external users but with different rights. Dynamicweb B2B solution and integrations are hosted by Softgear’s own cloud.


By digitizing the business, Skanska Maskin can now focus on customer care and sales, while reducing administration for both Skanska Maskin and its customers. The view of the company has changed since simplicity and availability are of great importance to customer / supplier relationship.
Anette Fagerlind, Marketing Manager at Skanska Rental
"In our new digital solution, orders are now being handled for Skanska’s own construction projects, as well as all our external customers. The solution supports our sales process and is used as both a digital product catalog, customer portal and integrates much of the process around Skanska’s rental business. In the way we use the B2B solution today, we create a more effective way of working that we can’t be without and is an extremely important part of our digital venture in an otherwise very conservative industry."
- Anette Fagerlind, Marketing Manager at Skanska Rental
B2B, CMS, Distribution, Dynamics NAV

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