Polar Seafood

With head office in Nuuk Greenland, Polar Seafood is the largest privately owned fishing company operating in Greenland. Polar Seafood is one of Scandinavia's key suppliers of a wide range of seafood products suitable for processors, wholesalers, caterers and retail customers.


Polar Seafood needed a new marketing platform for their ten individual websites. The sites differ in concept and language, but they all need full maintenance from one single system in order to minimize the required amount of manual resources, which is possible through the Dynamicweb All-in-One Platform.

The webdesign had to be responsive for different browser-units/clients and had to meet marketing requirements for ease-of-use. Products had to be displayed for quick data sheets access, and a searchable recipes section had to be added to the site as well.

Finally, Polar Seafood needed a graphical brush-up of their corporate identity, which had to be unifying for their marketing language and centralized from DK headquarter.

Dynamicweb som løsning

• Clean, fast and crisp Razor templates with minified SASS (CSHTML and SCSS);
• Templates are unified cross-site;
• The identity color scheme is defined as item-selects for front and background colors;
• Items (only) are used for websites, pages and paragraphs;
• A ‘Standard’ content item varies in with, function, position, look, interaction etc.;
• Specific master and page content is easily defined as item settings;
• Item lists are used for the areas Products and Recipes with a smart search function;
• The Gallery Module is used for providing the Global Press with hi-res images;
• Folders Image resize function is used to ease the maintenance for Webmasters;
• Using item icons/thumbnails makes it easy to understand their differences for webmasters.


Polar Seafood and Dynamicweb partner Norriq developed a strong, fast and responsive solution that provides the marketing team with an intuitive backend for content editing as well as the tools needed for full content flexibility within a set of rules to preserve their identity worldwide. All the products are listed with easy access to data sheets and related recipes, and the visual identity is closely defined in selectable colors and the corporate font is implemented.

The final design is visually appealing with a new fresh look that makes the company stand out from its competitors. A total of 30 logo variants was also redesigned in the process as well as the corporate colors being redefined both online and offline.
Lotte Bill, Head of Marketing
"Our new site is flexible, easy to work with and meets all the requirements we had to a new website."
- Lotte Bill, Head of Marketing
Polar Seafood
Polar Seafood
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