Plymovent is a Dutch company specializing in delivering products, systems and services for air extraction and filtration. Plymovent ensures clean air in workshops by providing solutions for indoor air pollution caused by welding fumes, vehicle emissions, tobacco smoke etc.


Plymovent has factories in the Netherlands, Sweden, and South Africa and possesses offices in 11 countries. Furthermore, Plymovent has more than 45 distributors. In order to serve all these multinational stakeholders, Plymovent needed a corporate multilingual website.

Dynamicweb som løsning

With the use of the Dynamicweb All-in-One platform Bluedesk E-business has developed a new multilingual website solution. It enables Plymovent to handle several language versions from one single platform, meaning that the company can benefit from content sharing in multi-site scenarios as well as consistent and up-to-date multilingual communication with very few administrative resources.


The multilingual website solution has provided Plymovent with an up-to-date international identity, which not only serves multinational stakeholders with updated company information, but also cuts back on expensive resources previously spent on manual communicative workflows in different languages.

The solution currently includes eight different and fully functional language versions.
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