Nissens is a Danish company founded in 1921, which develops and delivers engine cooling, climate products and thermal solutions worldwide. Nissens employs over 1,300 employees around the world.


Nissens needed an updated website to replace their existing solution. Their products are used all over the world, so it was imperative that their new website could handle translations in an easy and transparent way. It was also necessary to create a solution where CDN and global hosting was supported out of the box.

The solution should also be introduced over time – adding new functionality to the Nissens web universe first and replacing existing elements later.

A brand-new feature was introduced to the website. A feature that would help mechanics and automotive workers to easily find information about cooling systems in specific vehicles. Information like coolant and lubrication for the cooling systems should searchable using an easily accessible form. This search form was a replacement for a big wall poster.

Dynamicweb som løsning

The choice of CMS was not difficult. We settled on Dynamicweb because it supported all the technical requirements, but also gave us room to grow.

The first task was to create a registration form for course attendees. When people attended a training course, they would get a code they could use to register their attendance to get their certificate. This solution was built using eCommerce and voucher codes.

The website itself was implemented using items and New Indexing for full site content search. The site uses item relation lists to make it easier to reuse content. Due to this, a custom index builder was created to make sure that only pages that can be navigated to through the website are searchable.

The helper tool to find coolant and lubrication for various cooling systems, the Oil and Gas Finder, was implemented using a combination of Integration Framework, to import the data into a new table in the database, and New Indexing with facets. The finder uses cascading search filters where selections in one filter affects which values are available in the next.

Hosting is done in Azure where Dynamicweb worked immediately. Azure was selected for several reasons mainly because all hosting requirements could be handled in one place. Azure has databases compatible with Dynamicweb and easy .NET based application hosting. Also, Azure supports CDN and global hosting, and makes it easy to scale up (or out) if that is required in the future.


The Nissens Dynamicweb solution is a highly UX-friendly corporate site, with helpful tools tailored for the industry, such as the Oil and Gas finder, where the user can determine oil and gas quantities for over 20.000 vehicles.

The solution has generated an 129,75% increase in average sessions duration and a 40,94% decrease in bounce rate. With Dynamicwebs out of the box handling of translations the corporate website is currently translated into 7 languages and more to come.
Jacob Wædeled Smedegaard, Marketing & Communications Manager, Nissens A/S
"We have developed a website that will set the foundation for our digital journey in the coming years. The system is built on a concept of “maximum three clicks” giving user quick access to the data that is relevant for them. It can already handle complex tasks, such as determine oil and gas quantities for more than 20,000 vehicles, and we will see many more of these kind of solutions in the future."
- Jacob Wædeled Smedegaard, Marketing & Communications Manager, Nissens A/S
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