Nh1816 Verzekeringen

For almost 200 years, Nh1816 has offered insurances to everything in- and around the house. Nh1816 Insurances was established in 1816 in Oudkarspel, a village in Northern Holland, and has at several occasions been awarded the best insurance company in the Netherlands.


Nh1816 Insurances wanted a new and improved SEO optimized website offering B2B and B2C information for both private customers and retail insurance brokers.

Dynamicweb som løsning

Bluedesk E-business chose the Dynamicweb All-in-One platform to provide Nh1816 Insurances with the most effective and user-friendly content management system on the market. It provides a responsive design enabling all customers and brokers to access the new website from their tablets or smartphones.

Another important feature in the Dynamicweb solution was the ability for customers to search for local brokers in their respective region. The service is facilitated by a Google Maps POI database, which also allows brokers to apply themselves as local insurance advisors. This makes the new website a hotspot for both potential customers as well as brokers, as it gathers a whole range of information and services in one place.


Since the launch of the new corporate website, the overall Google rankings have ascended with 54%, which means more and more leads are in the pipeline. The Nh1816 Insurances online marketing team has supported the website by using the Dynamicweb All-in-One social media capabilities to simultaneous launch social media campaigns, which has effectively boosted the brand awareness.
Nh1816 Verzekeringen
Nh1816 Verzekeringen
The Netherlands
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