McHutchison is a horticultural or plant broker. They provide the best and most service-oriented wholesale distribution of plants and related products in North America. Founded in 1902.


McHutchison wanted to increase sales without adding more people. Their customers wanted to see a digital transformation and would do more business if they improved their site. McHutchison recognized that the site had to be as competitive and compatible with the other sites in their industry.

Dynamicweb som løsning

Dynamicweb created an almost 100% real-time integration with McHutchison’s complex business logic in their ERP. This facilitates the ability to support: • one simple customer order that consolidates long-term orders encompassing products from multiple vendors o this single order will then be split into multiple orders over time as plants are grown and ready for delivery o open orders can be adjusted from the site • complex customer-specific pricing • actual & projected inventory availabilities up to 26 weeks in the future • enhanced product searching & reporting capabilities


Customers are placing more orders via the website. They are able to self-service adjustments to their open orders and also use the reporting capabilities to make business decisions for future orders.
Mike Tizio, CEO, McHutchison
"We liked that Dynamicweb listened to what we wanted to see in our solution. We also liked that they came as a team. It wasn't just a salesperson. It was also their enthusiasm and creativity that matched with our own."
- Mike Tizio, CEO, McHutchison
McHutchison, Inc.
McHutchison, Inc.
New Jersey, USA
B2B, Distribution, Dynamics NAV
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