Magnusson & Freij

Magnusson & Freij’s product range includes over 7,000 consumable items in categories such as office supplies, toilet paper and paper towels, cleaning and protection paper, and dining and catering. The company has been in a partnership for several years with Nyblomgruppen, a group of 14 established family firms from all over Sweden.


As wholesalers, Magnusson & Freij generate high volume transactions, which demand a high level of speed and security from the ecommerce solution.

However, Magnusson & Freij previously performed a lot of tasks manually, which consumed a lot of valuable administrative resources. So in order to improve the business processes, Magnusson & Freij wanted an up-to-date ecommerce solution with Jeeves ERP integration.

Dynamicweb som løsning

Magnusson & Freij and their Swedish partner Softgear chose the Dynamicweb All-in-One platform as the foundtation because of the integrated ecommerce capabilities and the standard integration framework.

The flexibility of the platform allows Magnusson & Freij to customize it according to their specific needs, and it enables them to continue using existing data, including their extensive customer database. Finally, Magnusson & Freij can offer their entire 7,000-product range in an up-to-date ecommerce solution that offers user-friendly navigation, search suggestions and easy checkouts flows.


Magnusson & Freij can now rationalize and automate numerous tasks, which makes the daily business processes more efficient and cost effective. The ecommerce solution is easy to maintain and update, and offers new ways of receiving complete and detailed customer information including purchasing statistics, order status and inventory levels. Magnusson & Freij uses the information to continously develop and improve the online shopping experience to improve conversions.
"Without a modern ecommerce, we had never been able to face the future, but now we can!"
- Krister Pettersson, CEO, Magnusson & Freij
Magnusson & Freij
Magnusson & Freij
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