LifeHammer is internationally known for it's car safety hammer. LifeHammer has a wide range of security hammers of various sizes and has throughout the years become the leading brand in car safety.


LifeHammer remains one of the leading brands in the car safety industry, but previously wanted to extend global customer reach and brand awareness. In order to do so, Lifehammer teamed up with Dynamicweb partner, Innovadis, to create a new online platform including content management, ecommerce and online marketing.

Dynamicweb som løsning

To comply with the international intentions, Innovaids and Lifehammer decided to use the Dynamicweb platform, which enables easy handling of multiple international websites and ecommerce. Therefore, Lifehammer immediately used the new solution to launch a Dutch, English, French and German version including up-to-date product information.

One of the most effective features included in the new ecommerce platform is the international shop locator, which helps visitors find a nearby store in Europe, USA or in Australia.

Along with the ecommerce module and the marketing integration to social media, it enables Lifehammer to conduct valuable omnichannel marketing, where customers are able to find both products, prices and physical stores on the website. It not only adds an additional boost to the physical sales, but also attracts more online customers who benefit from extended product data, up-to-date prices and user-friendly ordering processes. In addition, PayPal has been added as a payment option in the checkout flow. Finally, Innovaids has helped Lifehammer gain additional traffic by SEO and SEA improvement.


From day one, the combined effort of new All-in-One Dynamicweb platform started generating additional sales, both online and in physical shops, and it provides Lifehammer with an extensive tool for further improving and developing the world’s number one supplier of car safety equipment.
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Innovadis B.V.

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