The KWPN (Studbook of the Royal Dutch Sport Horse) is a Netherlands-based organization, specializing in the breeding of jumpers, dressage horses, harness horses, and Gelder horses. With 22.000 members and approximately 10.000 new foals each year, the KWPN is one of the largest sport horse studbooks in the world.


Over the years KWPN has launched many websites, all with their own specific part of member service (e.g. news, database, marketplace, TV, member-portal, etc.). As a result, content was fragmented over many different Content Management Systems with a lot of different content managers. Maintaining, sharing and updating it, was therefore cost inefficient and time consuming.

Also maintaining corporate identity was a challenge. With the new platform, KWPN’s primary goal was to optimize her membership services by providing easy navigation and effective functionality.

Dynamicweb som løsning

Due to the extensive possibilities in the field of (membership) services and marketing, the new online platform offers KWPN a strong foundation for the future.

The functionality, easy navigation and the organization of the site are greatly improved. All information is re-organized and forms are made more user-friendly. Members can make use of some new functionalities. The new platform can now also be easily used from a smartphone or tablet. An important improvement is the fact that KWPN members only have to log-in once to perform all actions. From registering a foal to putting your horse on sale at the KWPN Marketplace, all made really easy.

User-friendly, integrated database and membership system
The stallion database, including searching for breeding values, has become a part of the fully renewed KWPN Horses database. When searching for horses, one needs to fill in less mandatory fields. Sorting and filtering the results makes using the database really easy. Non-members can now also see the basic information of each horse, but to see all the unique data of these horses, signing-in remains necessary.

To make this possible, we’ve integrated KWPN’s inside ERP-system with Dynamicweb (2 way) for basic member profiles, horses, events and all kind of specific member-services (e.g. selling a horse, registering a foal , etc. )

Personalized content and e-mail marketing
To be more relevant to their members and visitors, KWPN wanted to gather information about their needs and interests, using these characteristics in both website-content and e-mail marketing. To do so, we’ve activated personalization, using this for showing and hiding content in the website. On the other hand, smart searches give KWPN’s marketing department extensive options in selecting specific members as a recipient group for one or more automated e-mail campaigns.


The new KWPN online platform has already resulted in an increase of memberships, increase of member satisfaction and more online sales.

Also managing and sharing content in just one CMS (Dynamicweb) with integration of KWPN’s ERP has improved efficiency of content management.
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