DCC Energi

DCC Energi is one of the leading energy companies with sales of energy products for both homes, businesses and agriculture. They supply about 60,000 customers in Denmark in energy products as heating oil, diesel, lubricants, natural gas, electricity, coal, and wood pellets.


DCC Energi needed a new motivating corporate website with a user-friendly B2C webshop integrated to their Nordcap ERP system. DCC Energi also needed a way to ensure the visual identity throughout the website with a corporate color scheme and a uniform design.

The ecommerce solution had to integrate directly with their Nordcap ERP system for both products, customer details, orders and pricing, and the shop also had to provide the users with an advanced self-service system. Giving access to price-calculation, multiple delivery addresses and multiple oil tanks in each delivery address. Recent orders, account balances, payments, PDF order receipts, reordering tools etc.

The solution should also comply with individual custom requirements such as statistics for yearly use, estimated residual quantity for oil tanks and a system that confirms the validity of delivery addresses in accordance with DCC Energi's internal rules on the supply. Finally, the cart needed quantity mismatch validation and selectable delivery dates.

In addition, DCC Energi wanted to streamline processes in terms of reducing the number of orders per phone. The webdesign also had to be motivating and responsive for different browser-units and -clients. It also had to meet marketing requirements for ease-of-use, and the shopping experience in particular had to be user-friendly, fast and efficient in use.

Dynamicweb som løsning

• Clean, fast and crisp Razor templates with minified SASS (CSHTML and SCSS)
• One-page checkout with custom inline steps according to different choices along with instant step validations
• Custom NORRIQ Live Web Integration (N-LWI) to Nordcap ERP system
• Custom coded modules for price lists, addresses, oil tanks, orders etc.
• A ‘Standard’ content item varies in with, function, position, look, interaction etc.
• Static landing pages shows and explains the product groups, motivates the user to buy and leads to ordering
• The color scheme is defined as item-selects for front and background colors
• FAQ area build of collapsible item lists sorted by tabs
• Items are used for website and paragraphs
• Specific master content is easily defined as item settings
• Using item icons/thumbnails makes it easy to understand their differences for webmasters


DCC Energi and Dynamicweb partner, Norriq, developed a motivating, fast and responsive solution that provides the DCC marketing team with an intuitive backend for content editing. The design is visually appealing with a new fresh look that makes the company stand out.

The webmaster has freedom within the website design. Item settings allows many different ways of presenting content. The color palette is in accordance with the visual identity, so the options for presentation of content at any time symbolizes the company's identity.

The interaction design simplifies the complex functionality, giving the user an accessible shop and a user-friendly customer experience. And the visual identity is closely defined in selectable colors and the corporate fonts are implemented. Giving marketing the tools needed for full content flexibility within a set of rules to preserve their visual identity.
Henrik Ottosen, Markering Manager at DCC Energi.
"The new B2C ecommerce solution provides our private heating oil customers with the opportunity to place orders and to make online payment 24 hours a day. A possibility that fulfills one of our core values - flexibility. The customers also have access to their private billing and order history whenever needed, making them more independent of normal opening hours. At the same time the direct and touchless integration between Dynamicweb and our ERP system, gave us the opportunity to cut down some of the manual processes and by that we could focus “saved” resources in other areas."
- Henrik Ottosen, Markering Manager at DCC Energi.
DCC Energi
DCC Energi
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