Carmat B.V.

Carmat B.V. is an international supplier of parts and components for the metal industry, especially for transportation.


In order to reach a wider audience, improve efficiency, increase sales, and strengthen the position of their online business, Carmat decided to team up with Dynamicweb partner, Innovadis, to implement a new ecommerce platform.

Dynamicweb som løsning

Carmat was already using Axapta (Dynamics AX), so the new ecommerce platform needed to be able to integrate with the ERP system. As a result, Innovaids recommended Dynamicweb, as it offers flexible ecommerce solutions, capable of integrating with any ERP system, and because it is based on Microsoft.Net technology. Besides, from the technical capabilities, Dynamicweb also offered the required international ecommerce setup capable of complying with international standards.

The platform ensures that Carmat can continue to expand their ecommerce , without having to adopt new technology or add-ons. In addition, the solution provides up-to-date product data, availability, and prices that come straight from AX.


The final ecommerce solution manages to compile the entire Carmat product catalogue and present it in a user-friendly and manageable way. Customers can easily find the right products through user-friendly navigation and extended search filters. Finally, the professional look and modern layout by Innovadis completes Carmat’s new online identity.
Carmat B.V.
Carmat B.V.
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Innovadis B.V.

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