Alkmaar City Marketing

Alkmaar Marketing is the city marketing organization for Alkmaar focusing on not only tourists and/or recreation but also on for example living, working, welfare, education and safety. Alkmaar Marketing undertakes activities in the area of all these matters, together with various other local authorities.


Brush the dust of the old website, polish this to a new and fresh display, and manage content towards both tourists (out of town/country) and people from the local area in and surrounding Alkmaar. Enforce a portal from which local companies and activities are shared among the community. Any place, any time, any device!

Dynamicweb som løsning

There, where information should be based on interests and necessity of the visitor, contributors should be enabled to share their event or company (shops, restaurants, hotels, museums, etc.) information.

By making use of the Dynamicweb Personalization Module Alkmaar Marketing’s installation was enabled to build profiles based on site usage. This information is used to serve visitor related content, thus, being adequate in content delivery.

In a broad and open appearance, the website easily navigates the visitor through the subjects, events, information on the finest restaurants, shops and exhibitions within the regional area of Alkmaar.

With the Item Type structure, Bluedesk was able to bring the POI related data into the next step and present this in various manners, depending on the needs of the subject. All from one centralized database.


Since the go-live of the new Alkmaar Prachtstad Portal, the amount of visitors has increased.

From the flat line over the first months (before go-live) we can see an increase of 21% in desktop users, 34% in tablet usage, and 180% on mobile use, where the bounce-rate decreased with 15%. The amount of page views increased with 135%.

At only the beginning of the season, the success of City Marketing is becoming more apparent!
Alkmaar City Marketing
Alkmaar City Marketing
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