ABA-Skol are one of the leading suppliers of play and learning materials, furniture and interior design for schools, nurseries and leisure activities in Sweden, but they also have a number of customers in the Nordic region.


ABA-skol was in a need to quickly create a new web solution which would enable them to develop a better dialogue with the customers and make it easier for them to find the products they are looking for.

Dynamicweb som løsning

The solution was found in a Dynamicweb platform for both web and ecommerce with a standard integration to Dynamics NAV. Dynamics NAV is the center around all products, customers, and price information. In NAV they choose which info to be mirrored on the web. To make this work in practice, they needed a stable integration between Dynamics NAV and Web solution (Dynamicweb).


In only 3 weeks, Dynamicweb partner, Softronic, managed to create a new ecommerce integration both with Dynamics NAV and ExpandIT which is ABA-Skol's existing solution. The finished module integration with Dynamics NAV and the starter site, that was chosen, are the reason why they managed to deliver the first stage as planned. Now that the first stage is launched, step 2 is in planning.
Urban Bredhe, CEO, ABA-skol
"With Dynamicweb as a base for our investments for the web, we will now be able to be more flexible towards our customers' different needs and requirements. We will also make it easier to present the most interesting products for our various clients, and we hope our new solution really makes it easier for our customers. Today we have over 16,000 products, and more than 22,000 customers that we want to be able to serve even better. Our e-commerce solution is deeply integrated with our Dynamics NAV system. Dynamicweb's standard integration with Dynamics NAV was one of the most important reasons why we chose Dynamicweb as the platform for our investments for the web."
- Urban Bredhe, CEO, ABA-skol
B2C, B2B, Distribution, Dynamics NAV
Softronic AB

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